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Water Powered Sump Pump

If you have ever been victim to a sump that has overfilled, then you are willing to do anything to make sure it never happens again. There are many different types of sump pumps out there, but lets examine two of the more unique types.



Whether it is the HB 1000 Water Powered Sump Pump Backup or the WP Water Powered Backup Sump Pump, you will be sure to find a product to aid you in making sure a messy situation doesn't arise from your basement.

HB 1000 Water Powered Sump Pump, by Basepump

The HB 1000 Water Powered Sump Pump Backup has been touted as having one of the industry’s best pumping rates on the market.

  • It is also known to require little or no maintenance.
  • With this sump pump system, there is no battery or electricity required.
  • It is not reliant on other systems.
  • Its float system is one of the most effective and dependable around.
  • It moves more water per hour than any water powered sump pump available.
  • This sump pump is attached to the ceiling way over the primary sump.
  • The pump works in the opposite direction of most pumps, causing it to be much more effective at emptying the sump.
  • A water alarm comes with the unit as well, so you are really guarded against overflows.

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Basementsaver WP Water Powered Sump Pumps, by Aquamedic

The WP Water Powered Sump Pumps are another effective series of pumps that come in the WP1, WP2 and the WP3.

  • Each is easy to install on your own and they require little to no maintenance.
  • These systems are stand-alone from your other primary sump pump and sump pump pit.
  • The WP1 removes about 900 gallons per hour.
  • The WP2 removes around 1,400 gallons per hour and the WP3 removes an estimated 2,000 gallons per hour.
  • One of these water powered sump pumps can fit into most budget. These models are easy to take care of, making them a great way to guard against a over flowed basement.


 water powered sump pump

water powered sump pumps 

 sump pump back up system

In addition to the two backup water powered sump pump systems highlighted above, there are many additional effective systems on the market. 

Water powered sump pumps are designed as a backup sump pump system to keep your house and belongings from getting destroyed as your primary sump pump overflows or fails. Protect your home with one of the many systems available, and walk down the basement stairs with a new piece of mind.


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